See the best places to visit in Riga with a plan including Riga Culture Free Tour

I want to say thank you for the people or foundation who organize this free tour. I had awesome experience with Linda, one of the free tour guide. She was telling so many detail stories include custom, culture, history, heritage, architecture, myth and legends about Riga which not only around the old town but also way around outside suburb. The tour started at 12 pm, and took time about 2.5 hours. I would highly recommend it, especially for those who had time more than 6 hours transit in Riga. The tour can also pre-booked for private group.

Raimonda was knowledgeable, fun and engaging.
I had already toured the city with other guides and still learnt new facts.
The tour is in english and last between 2h30 and 3h.
Great experience for anyone interested in architecture and the city’s history.

"Worth your time and money"

This was definitely a 'must do' in Riga . Our guide was so knowledgeable- both in the history and culture of Riga. She sparked a bigger interest, for me, in the past of this interesting country but also in the wonderful art and architecture, so much so that I'd like to come back and do an Art Nouveau art course here if one exists! Thanks you for a very enjoyable tour! 

Visited 26/09/17
  "I will never forget this"

We had a really great time with Elvita - she is really fun, engaging and a fine poet. 

We would definitely recommend doing this tour as you get to see all the main sights in the centre with someone who is genuinely interested in what she is showing you. 


Visited September 2016
Happy time

What a smasher. Get yourself here! Elvita is an amazing host and knows her way around a beer recommendation. Time of your life stuff!

Visited September 201
A 'Must' Tour in Riga

If you have only one day in Riga, take this walking tour! You'll get an overview of the history and society of Riga and Latvia as well as an informed view of the Art Nouveau and Old Town areas. This tour is ideal for independent travelers to get a great introduction to Riga. Our guide, Elvita, was personable, knowledgeable, had a wry sense of humour and recommended a terrific place for lunch and boutique beers! Be generous with your tip - the company is trying to do something unique.

Visited August 2016
"Not to be missed" 

I had to come to Latvia with my brother to spend a few days in Riga visiting a local friend. The night before we had gathered in a bar and someone we met there (another local) recommended that we took the Free walking tour: “It will help you discover another side of Riga”, she said. 
I must say that I usually dislike tours. I have traveled quite a bit and I usually never take them because I don’t like going in big groups and I don’t like to listen the tour guide repeat extracts from an encyclopedia.  

What I enjoyed about that tour is that not only we were a small group but also that Laura, our guide, was very knowledgeable about the places we visited. Laura’s background in law and history of art made the tour most enjoyable. She was able to answer questions regarding not only art and architecture but also history and economics.  
I guess the moral of this review is that you should really take this tour. Even locals recommend it.

Antonio S

“Excellent Riga Culture Tour!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                    This daily free tour through Riga is organized by super enthusiastic, engaged and open-minded young people. I was lucky enough to have Laura as my tour guide, but I am confident that the others provide a tour just as fun and inspiring. The tour takes about 2.5 hours and takes you mainly to the old town in Riga. However the guids can also direct you to the more hidden local hotspots of your interest. Laura certainly has plenty of knowledge to share, be it about the architecture, history, religion and Latvian life-style and during my tour there was plenty of opportunity for discussions and questions about current affairs or other topics of interest. So if you get bored strolling behind ancient tour guides with umbrellas and bad jokes, but are interested in what's going on in Riga, this Culture Tour is definitely the better alternative!                                                                                              Manon, Rotterdam, 

Don't miss probably the best tour you will ever had :)                                                                                                                                                                                                    

 If you ever wonder what country and city to visit then Riga should should definitely pop up in top 3 list.. Before visiting it I havenot heard a lot about it or not so good and neutral opinions even from Latvians from Riga.. I have to say they are totally wrong.. In just 2 hours I was so fascinated by this city that now I want to move and live there :)) but now about the tour.. I have learned about it from a fellow traveler who attended it the day before and had a really great opinion about it.. She said it would about 3 hours which for me is great.. That way you can really get into the mood for a tour and enjoy the walk and the talk and not just hustle around for a hour or so.. The tour started a bit later because of one of those rainy events happening these days in Riga but that was even better as we had the opportunity to talk and meet before and discuss and share what we were interested about and learn more interesting stuff about the city.. Our tour guide was Laura a really sweet and knowledgeable tour guide who likes the things for which she talks about or has an opinion about it.. During the tour you will not only visit the old town and a couple of hidden secret spots in it.. But also you will walk around these amazing buildings around in the newer city center .. When I got here I was amazed of the number of such a beautiful looking old buildings and was asking myself how and why they are all here in Riga .. The tour gave me that answer and even get me to know a lot more about the history and the development of the city and the architectural movements.. After visiting this tour I even felt the need to investigate a bit further not only in Riga's history but even in the art and architecture and get a little bit more knowledgeable about those areas.. So that tour even gave me a spark to follow after.. this was even more than a tour .. It was an inspiring event you don't want to miss :))                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Don't Miss the Free Riga Cultural Tour!”                                                                                                                                                                                                   I was in Riga in June, and one of the highlights of my visit was a free "Cultural Walking Tour" offered by a very knowledgeable young woman named Dita. The tour was great! It took about two and a half hours, and it exposed me to many aspects of Riga's history and culture, especially its Art Nouveau past. Perhaps two and a half hours is too long for some people, but for me it was perfect. That such a wonderful introduction to the city is offered FREE is, well, astounding. I would enthusiastically recommend the tour to anyone... Enjoy Riga! :)

Enjoyed the tour today very, very much. Two and a half hours packed with qualified informatio n and beautiful sights. Thanks a  lot! 
                      Katharina & Ansgar
                      from Germany 

We took the tour on a very sunny day in September 2014 with Agrita and enjoyed it very much. She made the city architecture come alive for us. Finally someone explained the RIga cat story to us - we had asked other locals about it without any success!

Thanks for bringing Riga so much closer and providing us with so much more insights.

We had a lot of  fun!



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